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Western Photonics Technology designs and develops holographic products, such as hologram (holographic) films, hologram printing papers, hologram folders, hologram labels, true 3D hologram labels, hologram stickers, hologram ID, hologram displays, and hologram packaging papers to protect, decorate and advertise products, and also provides common printing papers, packaging papers and labels etc. With over 20 years of experience in holography and holographic systems, Western Photonics Technology guarantees the best price in either standard or custom-made products, provides extremely high quality products, and offers an excellent service for the industry.

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Hologram films, BOPP, Standard size: 630mm x 120m/roll

Hologram (holographic) papers, size: 600mm x 750mm

Hologram label, LC 101 - LC 117 (Circular shape)

Hologram label, LE 301 - LE 309 (Elliptical shape)

Hologram label, LR 501 - LR 509 (Rectangular shape)

Hologram order form