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Western Photonics Technology, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA, establishes its subsidiaries and factories in China to improve its product quality and reduce manufacture cost.

Western Photonics Technology develops and manufactures miniature optics (lens, prism, window and ball lens, rod lens, C - lens, G - lens, etc.), optics (window, spherical lens, cylindrical lens, aspherical lens, prism; laser mirror, filter, etc.), IR, visible, UV optics (Sapphire, Fused Silica, Germanium, ZnSe, CaF2, etc.), laser and optical crystals(Nd:YAG, BBO, etc.), coatings, optical system, fiber optics (fiber pigtail, fiber optic connector and patch cord, etc.), borescopes (IR, visible, UV rigid / flexible borescope, high temperature borescope, endoscope, etc.), lasers (CTH:YAG laser, Nd:YAG laser, CO2 laser, diode laser, etc.), camera (CCD and CMOS), hologram (hologram label, true 3D hologram label, hologram film, hologram label manufacture system, etc.).

With over 20 years of experience in optical and laser components and systems, Western Photonics Technology guarantees the best price in either standard or custom-made products, provides extremely high quality products, and offers an excellent service for the industry. Western photonics Technology dedicates efforts to providing and improving photonics products.

Manufacture Plant and Photonics Testing Lab
Western Photonics Technology, equipped with most advanced manufacture machines and inspection instruments, specializes in custom manufacturing of a wide variety of optical components. Our manufacture capability allows us to offer the most competitive price in the industry for small volume of R&D prototypes as well as large volume productions.



MTF Testing

Zygo Interferometer

Optical Bench 1

Optical Bench 2

Distortion Testing 1

Distortion Testing 2